Is Your Header Tank Hiding a Nasty Surprise?


Header tanks are sometimes called loft tanks. They hold large amounts of cold water and are normally installed in the loft space above the house.

As header tanks are out of sight, many homeowners forget they exist and fail to keep check on their condition. Even if your header tank isn’t in use, it’s probably still in place in the roof void.

As time goes on, header tank problems can cause serious issues with the plumbing in your home. Here are just a handful of reasons to get your header tank checked as soon as possible.


Left to its own devices, the header tank can start to overflow. There’s an overflow pipe on the header tank that will prevent serious damage, and the system is designed to remove excess water through this pipe. However, any continuous overflow should be investigated because the cause may get worse.

Overflows can indicate problems with your central heating or taps, but they’re sometimes caused by faulty ball valves. Get your header tank checked, and if you choose to install a combi boiler, have the tank completely removed.

Odours and Grime

When was your header tank last disinfected? If you can’t remember, it has probably collected a healthy supply of mold and grime in the interim. If your tap water is dirty, this is a sure fire sign that you have a nasty problem lurking in your loft.

Grimy water isn’t just unpleasant for your family. It can also cause problems with your central heating system, since small chunks of mold and dirt cause blockages. In some cases, dirty water can be caused by something falling into the tank, and you almost certainly won’t want to drink the resulting water.

While you can empty the tank to replace the water, that won’t kill the germs that have collected over years of neglect. Flushing and disinfecting ensures that the water coming out of your taps is clean and your family’s health won’t suffer.

Heat Loss

Header tanks hold cold water, so you might be wondering why insulation is needed.

An insulating jacket prevents the cold water in the header tank from freezing up, and this also helps to stop pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes are a major cause of leaks, so insulation is an inexpensive solution to large repair bills in cold weather.

Insulation will also keep the water in the tank purer, since it acts as a barrier between the water supply and the dusty air in the loft. Header tank insulation is recommended if you’re having your pipes lagged for winter.

Get it Checked

Header tanks can be difficult to access, and checking the tank without care may result in air being sucked into you heating system. Avoid header tank problems: call a professional and have your tank checked out thoroughly.

The heating systems in our homes are vital to our comfort. If you haven’t had your tank inspected for a while, you’ll forestall problems by calling us and arranging a header tank inspection.