Having your electrics fail on you can be very inconvenient, whether it is a large problem like a broken fuse board or a small annoyance like a certain plug socket always tripping the electrics, our qualified electricians are here to help. We have been serving the Cambridgeshire area for over 35 years and have a well-established reputation.

MJ Electrical & Plumbing Services engineers are NICEIC registered and able to carry out all types of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work.

Our engineers are fully qualified and trade certified we adhere to part P building requirements and are highly skilled and professional with many years experience,

Our engineers will complete the work to a high standard. Part P was introduced in January 2005, it is a part of the building regulations series, it has been introduced in order to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and fires caused by faulty electrical installations and to make life harder for ‘cowboy’ tradesmen or DIY to leave electrical installations in an unsafe condition. This was brought into law for safety reasons you should always get a qualified electrician to carry out electrical work.

Our electricians are efficient and professional and will complete all work to a high standard with minimum disruption to start to finish.

Our Electrical Services Include:

  • Electrical faultfinding
  • Electrical repairs
  • Fuse board repairs
  • Fuse board replacements
  • Complete and partial re-wiring
  • Immersion heaters
  • Heating controls
  • All types of shower installs
  • All types of shower repairs
  • Towel rails
  • Socket points
  • Cooker points
  • Periodic inspection testing
  • Periodic inspection reports
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Door entry systems
  • Security lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • External lighting
  • Electrical home buyers reports
  • Storage heaters

General Electrical, Installation & Repairs

Our electrician’s can carry out all forms of electrical works such as internal & external power & lighting or shower installs or repairs we can repair heating controls or replace or re-wire we carry appliance repairs, consumer unit or circuit breaker repairs or replacements plus much more.

More importantly once our electrician has finished installing a new installation or altered, extended or adapted an existing circuit they will test it for safety and issue you with certification advising you of any observations they noticed.

We also have experienced engineers with specialist testing equipment and skills to help us diagnose faults and fix them quickly.

Service & Maintenance

MJ Electrical & Plumbing can undertake preventative service and maintenance on all forms of electrical equipment to ensure servicing and repair work keep it working safely and extending it’s overall life and preventing unnecessary damage and disruption.

Do your home electrics need testing?

Over time electrical wiring can deteriorate and cause problems, this is why electrical regulations recommend everyone to have their electrics fully tested every 1-10 years depending on the type of building, property and it’s use.

Maximum periods allowed between Periodic Inspections:

  • Industrial Installations – 3 years
  • Buildings open to the public – 1 year
  • External installations – 3 years
  • Caravan Parks – 1 year
  • Fire Alarms – 1 year
  • Short Term Installations – 3 months
  • Non-Rented Domestic Dwelling – 10 years
  • Rented Domestic Dwelling – 3 years (Or change in tenancy)

A normal residential domestic dwelling not rented would be ten years maximum. These inspections should be noted and the dates written on your fuse board for a reference if you cant see any dates or documentation for your home the chances are it’s not been done!

Perhaps you have just moved into a property or looking to purchase one or even planning on renting or had some work carried out recently and you suspect poor workmanship or lack of certification, this is a very good time to carry out a Periodic Electrical Inspection & Test.

Electrical Testing can also be done for assurance, insurance, and fire risk dwellings i.e.: thatched cottages.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Portable Appliance Testing is a routine check of all electrical appliances in your home or workplace.

It is a legal requirement for employers, landlords and residential care homes that all electrical equipment from simple battery–powered torches upwards, must be ‘safe, well–maintained and suitable for the purpose for which it is used’.

The penalties for non–compliance can be severe: in certain cases, it may constitute unlimited fines and/or imprisonment should an incident occur.

We’re here to help

Our team of skilled engineers can get you a written or verbal estimate at any time, we are also happy to visit your property to quote you on any work you need. We can provide you with a detailed description of the work with a full, clear breakdown of the costs and when you can expect the work to be completed. All completed work is guaranteed and fully inspected to make sure it meets required standards and complies with all necessary regulations.

No Job is too big or small, if you would like some advice or a quote fast then then call one of our installers today.