Why It’s Time to Get Your Boiler Serviced


need-a-new-boilerYour boiler lies at the heart of your central heating system. A modern boiler, made by a reputable manufacturer, will always be a major plus point when you come to sell your home. A boiler in good condition will also help to keep things running efficiently.

New boilers usually run like clockwork, and that can leave many people feeling complacent about the health of their heating system. However, it pays to have your boiler serviced regularly – here’s why.

Boiler Problems

There are three types of boilers installed in domestic properties:

  • Gas boilers
  • Oil boilers
  • Gas fires

All types of boiler need to be serviced, and all are prone to breakdowns if they are not well maintained.

Often, a range of signs indicate boiler trouble, but these are not obvious until the problem is severe. Our trained technicians will detect minor issues during the servicing visit and fix anything that needs to be done, before a bigger issue develops.

Signs of a problem include:

  • Low gas pressure
  • A blocked flue
  • Rust or other signs of decay
  • Leaks, which may or may not be accompanied by the smell of gas

Some of these problems can be dangerous if not detected early; carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and a faulty heating system could be pumping this deadly gas into your home without your knowledge.

Other boiler issues may not be as dangerous, but they may cause problems with your comfort and health.

Cost Savings

Naturally, there is a cost associated with servicing your boiler, but this need not be prohibitive. In fact, you might be surprised how affordable an annual check is. If you keep up with the servicing, you greatly lessen the likelihood of problems mounting up.

In all cases, catching problems early can prevent expensive repairs later. Even more importantly, prevention of common boiler problems often means you avoid the expense and inconvenience of emergency call-outs when your boiler fails. These last-minute appointments can cost hundreds of pounds.

Finally, with regular servicing, you know your boiler is operating at optimum efficiency. That helps to keep energy bills low – an important consideration for every household.

Arranging a Service

MJ Electrical recommends that you arrange a boiler service once per year if you own your own home. That’s regardless of the age of your boiler.

If you move house, we recommend that you have the boiler serviced as soon as you move in so that you understand its condition straight away. Until it’s checked, never use a boiler in a recently purchased property without a carbon monoxide alarm.

If you rent out your property, the law dictates that you must service your boiler annually and obtain a safety certificate for it.

Finally, if you have a warranty on your boiler, regular servicing will ensure that any claim against that warranty is valid.

Contact Us Today

Our annual appointment could cost less than a couple of hours’ emergency repairs, and it could make all the difference to your quality of life this winter.

To arrange your next boiler service in Peterborough, speak to MJ Electrical today. When it comes to your home comforts, there’s no better way to ensure peace of mind.