5 Things to Look For When Buying a New Shower


key-features-of-a-new-showerA new shower can transform your bathroom, and it’s a must during any renovation project. But choosing the right unit is surprisingly complex. Here are five points to think about before you begin.

1. Is the Wiring in Good Condition?

When fitting a new shower, you’ll need to remove the old one, and that means making changes to the wiring. This is the ideal opportunity to ensure that the installation will still be safe. Modern showers often have larger heating elements, and the cable needs to be able to cope with the increased supply.

Electricity and water don’t mix, so ensure you employ a competent professional to check the wiring for you. They will be able to rewire your 6mm electrics with 10mm if you want an upgraded model.

2. Do I Want a Power Shower?

Power showers have an internal pump to increase the pressure of water, helping you to achieve a more powerful flow. They make a big difference to low water pressure, and can help prevent the dreaded trickle effect. However, not everyone can use them.

Electric showers generally take a cold water feed and heat the water very quickly in the unit. Power showers can only be used with a hot water feed from a water tank. If you have a combi boiler, you won’t be able install a power shower, but a regular electric shower will do a good job anyway.

3. Screen or Curtain?

People who have shower screens tend to report drier floors, since the water does not escape quite so easily.  If you’re having a power shower installed, we generally recommend a screen so that you don’t end up stepping out into a puddle. A screen also makes the bathroom look bigger, particularly if it’s transparent rather than opaque, so it’s a good option in any small space.

However, shower curtains are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive. An attractive shower curtain can also form an integral part of your bathroom design. Finally, curtains may also be safer, since there’s nothing to bang your head on if you slip.

4. How Will It Be Controlled?

Many inexpensive electric showers are controlled using two dials. One controls the temperature, and the other controls the flow. If you have a bigger budget, you could try a more sophisticated model.

Digital showers mix hot and cold water in the shower unit with push-button controls to achieve instant and accurate temperatures.  For a spot of spa luxury, invest in a shower tower or panel; an elongated shower unit that offers additional jets, large spray areas and a separate handset.

5. When Do I Use My Shower?

Your shower can be used to start your day or ease away the aches and pains before bed. Your own routine may have some bearing on the shower head. For example, choose a shower with different spray patterns for versatility, or have a fixed shower head for convenience and speed.

If you don’t like cleaning the bathroom, we recommend a shower head with a rubber nozzle. They are really easy to care for.

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