Why Your Gas Fire Needs a Safety Check

Gas Fire Safety Checks
Gas Fire Safety Checks

Your gas fire should be checked for safe operation once a year, and serviced in accordance with the recommendations outlined in your instruction manual.

Why check the fire? If you fail to have your gas fire serviced and safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer, you’re putting yourself, your home and family at risk from fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s as simple as that.

So what’s involved in a safety check?

A gas safety check must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, so ask for proof of registration. It is illegal to perform any kind of work on gas systems and appliances without these credentials.

Your engineer will check that your fire is working correctly. He or she will check to see if the fire has been properly installed, and is operating with the correct pressure. The engineer will also check that any harmful gases released by your fire are vented properly, that all flues and ventilation routes are clear, and that any safety features are working as they should.

Is Your Header Tank Hiding a Nasty Surprise?


Header tanks are sometimes called loft tanks. They hold large amounts of cold water and are normally installed in the loft space above the house.

As header tanks are out of sight, many homeowners forget they exist and fail to keep check on their condition. Even if your header tank isn’t in use, it’s probably still in place in the roof void.

As time goes on, header tank problems can cause serious issues with the plumbing in your home. Here are just a handful of reasons to get your header tank checked as soon as possible.


Left to its own devices, the header tank can start to overflow. There’s an overflow pipe on the header tank that will prevent serious damage, and the system is designed to remove excess water through this pipe. However, any continuous overflow should be investigated because the cause may get worse.

Overflows can indicate problems with your central heating or taps, but they’re sometimes caused by faulty ball valves. Get your header tank checked, and if you choose to install a combi boiler, have the tank completely removed.

Odours and Grime

When was your header tank last disinfected? If you can’t remember, it has probably collected a healthy supply of mould and grime in the meantime. If your tap water is dirty, this is a sure fire sign that you have a nasty problem lurking in your loft.

Grimy water isn’t just unpleasant for your family. It can also cause problems with your central heating system, since small chunks of mould and dirt cause blockages. In some cases, dirty water can be caused by something falling into the tank, and you almost certainly won’t want to drink the resulting water.

While you can empty the tank to replace the water, that won’t kill the germs that have collected over years of neglect. Flushing and disinfecting ensures that the water coming out of your taps is clean and your family’s health won’t suffer.

Heat Loss

Header tanks hold cold water, so you might be wondering why insulation is needed.

An insulating jacket prevents the cold water in the header tank from freezing up, and this also helps to stop pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes are a major cause of leaks, so insulation is an inexpensive solution to large repair bills in cold weather.

Insulation will also keep the water in the tank purer, since it acts as a barrier between the water supply and the dusty air in the loft. Header tank insulation is recommended if you’re having your pipes lagged for winter.

Get it Checked

Header tanks can be difficult to access, and checking the tank without care may result in air being sucked into you heating system. Avoid header tank problems: call a professional and have your tank checked out thoroughly.

The heating systems in our homes are vital to our comfort. If you haven’t had your tank inspected for a while, you’ll nip problems in the bud by calling us and arranging a header tank inspection.

5 Things to Look For When Buying a New Shower


key-features-of-a-new-showerA new shower can transform your bathroom, and it’s a must during any renovation project. But choosing the right unit is surprisingly complex. Here are five points to think about before you begin.

1. Is the Wiring in Good Condition?

When fitting a new shower, you’ll need to remove the old one, and that means making changes to the wiring. This is the ideal opportunity to ensure that the installation will still be safe. Modern showers often have larger heating elements, and the cable needs to be able to cope with the increased supply.

Electricity and water don’t mix, so ensure you employ a competent professional to check the wiring for you. They will be able to rewire your 6mm electrics with 10mm if you want an upgraded model.

Why It’s Time to Get Your Boiler Serviced


need-a-new-boilerYour boiler lies at the heart of your central heating system. A modern boiler, made by a reputable manufacturer, will always be a major plus point when you come to sell your home. A boiler in good condition will also help to keep things running efficiently.

New boilers usually run like clockwork, and that can leave many people feeling complacent about the health of their heating system. However, it pays to have your boiler serviced regularly – here’s why.

Shower Installations


A functioning, hot powerful shower is something that we all take for granted, but once the pressure drops, product fails or plumbing goes wrong, you will realise its true value.

For Shower Installations or repairs MJ Electrical & Plumbing Services fully qualified and WRAS, NICEIC approved engineers will be able to help. Our highly experienced team can repair; replace showers, pipework or pumps.

We understand that not all shower issues relate to plumbing so we will listen to your problem and will see if you need one of our qualified electricians to help.

Whether you’re a domestic customer with a leaking shower, or a commercial customer with a whole shower area out of action, MJ Electrical & Plumbing’s fully qualified servicing team will be able to solve your problem fast.

We can advise you on the right type of shower for your home, below are three common examples:

  • Electric Showers instantaneous water heater that heats up on demand from a cold mains water supply, flow rate depends upon the time allowed to heat water
  • Mixer Shower they do not use electricity, they rely on plumbing and water pressure alone. Balanced supply is important and if the water pressure is low a pump can be fitted to give a better output depending on the type of system
  • Power Showers two types of power showers are available all in one and a remote pump to but it simply they are very similar to a mixer shower but pump assisted

We specialize in shower repairs, replacements and new installs including all models and types, vented, unvented mixer showers, power showers, electric showers, or mixer showers fed from combination boilers.

Leaking shower or wet ceiling? We can carry out full assessments and determine the root of the problem, from start to finish we carry out minor to major repairs and quite often get used on insurance jobs.

Classic, Modern, Contemporary family friendly or just for you, so many showers & designs such little time. MJ Electrical & Plumbing is an official supplier and installer of the mid to high range shower products from Mira. No need to spend countless hours searching for the right shower we can provide a full range of every type of shower, and are on hand to offer help and advice.

We’re here to help…

Our team of skilled engineers can give you a written or verbal estimate at any time, we are also happy to visit your property to quote you on any work you require. We can provide you with a detailed description of the work with a full, clear breakdown of the costs and when you can expect the work to be completed. All completed work is guaranteed and fully inspected to make sure it meets required standards and complies with all necessary regulations.

No Job is too big or small, if you would like some advice or a quote fast then call one of our qualified engineers today on 07850 853244 or leave your details on this page for a call back.